What does your birthday mean to you?

I was talking with my boss yesterday and a funny thought occurred to me. Well not funny, exactly. He has a holiday birthday and he said when he was younger he hated his birthday because everyone was off. But when he got older he realized he loved his birthday because everyone was off. You always find new or not so new ideas when you look at things from a different perspective. In this case growing up.

I remember when I was in Kindergarten I always hated nap time because I wanted to stay up and play with my friends. But as I grew older, i.e. staying up all night finishing papers and projects, I realized nap time is important to wind down and gather your thoughts or just relax and regain the energy you spent staying up all night. A few friends of mine also use naps in order to stay up all night. But I have learned throughout high school and college that your sleep and health are more important than staying up all night working on a project. Unless it is a big project or your final paper or test your teacher will understand – unless the reason it’s not finished is because you procrastinated on it.

Back to birthdays. I have a love-hate relationship with my birthday. I love it because I share it with my god-mother. But I would rather stay home with my family or go out for a nice dinner than throw a big party every year. But after hearing my boss I thought back to what I thought of my birthday when I was younger. I used to love my birthday and holidays because I got to give presents to my friends. I grew up in a small school so the most people in my class or school was about 20 people. Of course when I was younger my parents would surprise me at school with cupcakes and balloons. But giving everyone cupcakes or lollipops with cards made me happy. But as I grew older my class got bigger and my friends went off to different schools.

As I grew older I also stopped telling people when it is my birthday. I don’t know why, I just don’t. But it makes me happy and my birthday even more special when my friends or roommates surprise me. A few years ago, after the first semester of school I stopped getting along with my roommates. But even so they decorated my door with streamers and bought me gifts. I love little acts of kindness ❤

~ DD


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