Pokemon and Persistence

Or how a strange combination of Pokemon, stress, and contemplation is ridiculously relevant to my 20 year old life. 

Image Copyright mynintendonews.comImage just so you know 🙂

Recently, I heard the Pokemon song again. I’ve also had an increasingly rough semester, an even rougher summer, and I decided to make a few lifestyle and career changes that may completely alter who I will be in the near future. In the interests of not sounding melodramatic, I’ve been busy.

So I’ve been reading into a variety of study materials, as the decision to attend graduate school means that I want to refocus and double my study efforts. If I’m going to be a Librarian or better yet, Information Professional, I need to be someone who absorbs information fully and completely. A lot of this is due to a book I’ve recently gotten into, called Study Smarter, Not Harder, which I would recommend to anyone interested in improving their study skills. I plan to do a review of it on this blog later on.

This book taught me about the importance and interesting skill of Zen Meditation, and creating ‘preparation strategies’ in order to conquer big hurdles such as studying, essay-writing, and test-taking. Naturally, I thought of level grinding. But what does this have to do with Pokemon?

Studying, oddly is exactly like level grinding

So you have a team of 6 Pokemon, and you’ve been training to get to the next gym. You rotate through a different array of Pokemon to build up each of their strengths, and you rest at the health center in between battles. In terms of studying, think of it like this: There are reportedly 8 different types of intelligences humans have. These are linguistic, mathematical/logical, musical, visual/spatial, naturalistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and physical. And attribute theses to different Pokemon types. I’ve decided to correspond intrapersonal with the Fairy-type because well, it’s funny. Clearly no one has a team of just one type, and you need a wide variety of types to tackle different gyms or tests. So in a way, everyone is a ‘math-type’ or ‘language-type’, also it’s incredibly important to grind/study with those skills at the right times. Just one or the other will give you 0 benefits. It’s a combination that ends up putting you in the right place. Being a math-type will help me to do well in Economics classes, but its my linguistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills that may land me a job or internship.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, go and catch them all.

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was

When I was younger, I loved the Pokemon Anime. I wanted to be just like Ash, and be the best. But be the very best at what? It’s somewhat impossible to be the best at everything, so what was my plan or goal? As much as I loathe to admit, I’m pretty sure he had better goals than I did. “I want to collect all of the Pokemon” is still a better aspiration than “I want to be awesome”. I need to refocus my goals like he did. And as a future information professional, my goal is to be better at learning. I want to absorb information with a passion and with a sense of intuition. I want to be a metadata specialist, and brush up on my business and economic skills along the way. So for all of you college students out there, go back to your inner Pokemon roots and be the very best.

And if nothing else, I hope that you decide to use this message and tell people that you’re a [insert skill here] type. Because you are, and you can hone and collect them all if you put your mind to it. Best of luck!


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