What Inspires Me: Jumping into the Unknown

What Inspires Me: Jumping into the Unknown

English: Morning mist on Lake Mapourika, New Z...

English: Morning mist on Lake Mapourika, New Zealand. Français : Brume du matin sur le lac Mapourika, en Nouvelle-Zélande. Deutsch: Nebel bei Lake Mapourika in Neuseeland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I was reading LinkedIn, and noticed a few posts about a new topic: “What Inspires Me.” All of the posts are from a variety of LinkedIn influencers sharing their experiences and what motivates them to, well get up in the morning. And since I’m a big fan of the bandwagon, I’m sharing what inspires me, and I welcome others to share theirs as well.

Around this time about two months ago, I found myself lost. I was unhappy with my major, about to fail a class, thinking about transferring to another school, and most of all, I was tired of living. In my eyes, if I couldn’t get good grades – who was I? Why did I matter? I managed to salvage my failing grade into a B somehow, and left my school planning never to come back. Then I learned that a family member of mine was having health issues, and combined with trying to send (really throw) my brother off to college, it was a bit stressful.

But I realized, I couldn’t remain like this. And I really didn’t want to stay like this either. Initially I thought that my problems stemmed from being too overworked. In retrospect, I realized that instead of working in the places that mattered, I avoided these situations as a way to reinforce what was going on in my life. 

To combat this, I decided to intern at my local library. And strangely enough, that experience changed my career plans, self-esteem, and led me to realize what I’m focused on. Now I don’t recommend everyone to hit rock-bottom in the interests of finding themselves, but I’m glad that this happened to me. I said goodbye to my old study habits, my old perception, and my past understanding of myself as a person, and thought of who I am within the community.

Despite their natural beauty, the secluded val...

Despite their natural beauty, the secluded valleys along the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii are heavily modified by introduced invasive species such as She-oak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I truly believe that jumping into the unknown is the best thing that one can do. Don’t stay with being content, be happy. It’s OK not to know all of the answers, but it’s not OK to remain stagnant. Find the answers. Discover your problems. For me, it was studying. For others, it may reveal itself to be very different. Push forward in everything that you do. Don’t be stagnant. 


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