Finding your life manifesto


Nature (Photo credit: wot nxt)

What do you believe in?

Shane Snow over at LinkedIn posted a piece on motivation/inspiration. I was really taken by the post, as sometimes I feel that we’re not motivated enough within our lives. At times, we might need a reminder. I know that I do.

Usually, I post a reminder for myself of my goals for every semester, and then get stressed every time I don’t hit one of the marks. But recently, I decided to do something else instead. I created a manifesto for myself. I realized that if nothing else, I need to take a stand a remind myself of what really matters. My manifesto is a bunch of pictures, quotes, and statements that I’ve created over time to reflect who I am as a person. Near the end of the summer, I’ll post a picture for those who are interested.

Some of you by now are probably thinking “Well that’s nice for you, but how will I find whatever is the best manifesto or way of proving myself for me?” Don’t worry, I’d never leave you guys in a lurch. So here’s a few tips to find your life manifesto:

हिन्दी: Nature

हिन्दी: Nature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Ask a friend, and then map yourself accordingly.

How do your friends see you? Ask either a friend or family member what they think of you as a person, and decide whether that’s the kind of person you want to be. Be sure to talk to someone your trust, as you want a person who will give you a blunt and honest picture of who they think you are.

2. Record or monitor your self for a day

Spend a few days observing yourself and the kind of things that you seem to enjoy on a daily basis. If you find that you spent most of your time teaching others, walking and taking in the beauty of nature, or even perusing blogs, that might *hint hint* relate to your passions. You can expand those ideas into larger ones later, but this is a great step to deciding who you want to do.

3. Use visualization techniques

I’m a big fan of meditation. I use it for studying, working out, and personal downtime. Take a few moments to really sit down and visualize who you are and what you like to do. Think about the future, past, and all of the achievements you’ve had up until this point. Use this time to map up a life plan.

4. Start on your manifesto collage

Find pictures, quotes, arts and crafts, books, and ideas that relate to you and your aspirations. Choose things that fill you with joy and excitement. Make sure whatever you use that it’s something that truly relates to you, your goals, and your journey as a human being.

That’s all I have for now, but I hope this gave you a head start on finding your life manifesto. Remember that it should change and grow as you evolve as a person, so don’t feel confined into one area. Feel free to post any of your manifestos in the comments!


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