20 Life Lessons Learned from Playing Persona 4

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So I’m finally at college. And I’m officially a senior now. It’s funny because you’d think it would be more bittersweet, but I’m actually pretty excited while also being completely ready to leave. But before I left, I was playing Persona 4 with my brother. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly had a lot of stuff that related to college life for a game mostly centered on high school. So here are a few lessons from this awesome game:

  1. Sometimes the best things you’ve been looking for are at home.
  2. It sucks to be a loner, but best friends are everywhere. You just need to put yourself out there.
  3. Silence is always an option.
  4. Don’t run away from your destiny.
  5. Translating languages is hard (especially if it’s Japanese or Chinese)!
  6. If you don’t get the right answer, don’t be afraid to keep searching for the truth.
  7. If you’re dealing with the cops, lying is probably not your best option.
  8. There are multiple ways to fall in love, and with multiple people.
  9. It’s OK to have a few embarrassing hobbies. They add character and personality to your life.
  10. At times you will be jealous of your friends success. At times they will be jealous of yours. It happens. Deal with it, and support them in their efforts, and they’ll do the same.
  11. Sometimes you trust the wrong people.
  12. We’re all filled with insecurities. If we don’t acknowledge that, they’ll come out in the worst possible way.
  13. Don’t worry about all of those things you’ve heard before. Be open to changing your initial viewpoint.
  14. Stereotypes are real, and they’re pretty damaging.
  15. People will question your sexuality if you don’t fall into conventions. The best you can do is be strong within your own ideas.
  16. Trying to please everyone is exhausted. It’s OK to pick and choose.
  17. Listen to others. You’d be surprised what they have to say.
  18. Loosing a loved one to dementia is one of the most painful, heartbreaking things you can deal with. If that makes you upset and angry, that’s fine. You have to deal with these things on your own terms.
  19. You choose how you want to say goodbye.
  20. Accept endings. It’s great to have something that isn’t lasting forever.

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