Business Tax Filing Season Begins January 13, 2014

For those living in the United States who are interested in being kept up to date with the 2014 tax season, here is an excellent post that gives a quick overview of the details. I’ll be participating as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistant for the IRS in PA this year, so I hope to provide more updates on the tax season for you all. Especially in light of the health care issues and resulting fallout from the government shut down this year.

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The IRS will begin accepting 2013 businesstax returns on Monday, January 13, 2014. This start date applies to both electronically-filed and paper-filed returns.

Business returns include any return that posts on the IRS Business Master File (BMF). BMF returns include a variety of income tax and information returns such as Form 1120 filed by corporations, Form 1120S filed by S corporations, Form 1065 filed by partnerships and Form 1041, the return filed by estates and trusts. It also includes various excise and payroll tax returns, such as Form 720, Form 940, Form 941 and Form 2290. The IRS expects to be able to begin processing any of these business returns on Jan. 13.

The Jan. 13 start date does not apply to unincorporated small businesses that report their income on Form 1040. The start date for all 1040 filers is Jan. 31

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