Hi World!

Celebrating the first day of Spring 2013 (Vanity shot, I know)

I’m Ivy Lea DeWitt, a 20 year old senior at Lafayette College. I was kind of under the impression that I’d be a college student forever, so knowing that has changed is a little disconcerting. I’m an Economics and Religious Studies student, and eventually I hope to pursue a career in financial analysis or marketing (leaning towards marketing, but I’d definitely love to be in any field related to problem-solving and analysis). The purpose of this blog is to muse about a series of topics: higher education, minority issues in college, career goals and education, college tips, and the ups and downs of your twenties. With the occasional dash of pop culture, as I am a 100% Beyonce fan.

Lafayette College

Lafayette College (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Just had to add a picture of my soon to be Alma Mater.


I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but if nothing else I hope to give advice to the Millennial/Y Generation, and let you know that there’s a bunch of us struggling out there.

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Hi Everyone! I’m DD and I will be helping Ivy out. I am a 21 year old senior at Philadelphia University studying Graphic Design and Business.

So take a look around and enjoy!



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