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Quick Links: Life After Graduation

A few days ago, I discovered a wonderful website called Good.Co that’s geared towards psychological development & the workforce. Since I’m a big fan of personality theory & career development, I figured I’d check it out. While I was most certainly not a psychology major and thus can’t really quantify how valid all of the information on the site is, I really enjoyed some of the key features of the sites, such as the free personality test that you can take when you sign up.

Essentially, it helps you to discover your workplace personality and style through a simple questionnaire. My result split me into the three categories of the Dreamer, Idealist, and Innovator which gave a full listing on what other types of personalities I would or wouldn’t get along with alongside recommendations for workplace habits and careers. They also come with famous people as the avatars for each description – sadly I don’t think Beyonce is on there. Maybe I’ll send that in as a future recommendation.

Though my favorite resource so far is the blog, but there’s no surprises there. For recent grads who are searching or lucky enough to be employed, Good.Co has a Life After Graduation resource list for the Class of 2014. My favorite posts are on career development for Gen Y employees  (once again, no surprises) but I really do love that they focus on personal branding and workplace happiness. So many post-college resources are dedicated to the grind of getting a job that they fail to explain what happens afterwards. For those who are still searching for a job or want to brush up on their workplace skills – I definitely recommend checking out this site.

Are there any other career blogs you’d like to recommend?